Capital Strings and Voices Collective hosts intergenerational
ensembles including:

Capital Strings Collective Orchestra (CSC),
Jr. Orchestra (JCSC),
and cello ensembles (I Cellisti)

We welcome music lovers of varying ages and abilities who play violin, viola, cello or bass. No auditions are required: orchestra members should play at a minimum RCM Grade 5 or Suzuki Book 4 level; jr. orchestra members in Suzuki 1 (late) – Book 3 are welcome.

Rehearsals incorporate research on student-centered learning, cognitive brain development, and holistic education. Make music and practice good democratic citizenship, including
responsibility, community participation and
social awareness.

                                                                 image007We focus on musical
expression, practice skills, and technical excellence in an environment that
promotes discipline and mindfulness of body and spirit.

i2What makes us unique?

  • Mentors sit next to students
  • Families can participate together
  • Students earn volunteer credits
  • Faculty includes PhDs with training in music,
    education, physiology, and community building
  • Self expression, technical improvement, wide variety       of music, and fun!

        To register: email Joan@enterprisingrabbit.

 registration form will   be emailed to you!

             Faculty and Mentors

Faculty and Mentors

Schedules and Location:

   CSC Orchestra , Tuesdays 6:45-9pm, Sept. 2017 – May 2018

                 Registration for Capital Strings Collective 2017-2018

CSC Registration

             Jr. Orchestra, Tuesdays 5:45 – 6:45, Sept. 2017 – May 2018

Jr. Orchestra (JCSC) Registration

              Registration for Junior Capital Strings Collective 2017 − 2018

 Cello Ensembles, Twice per month – TBD

I Cellisti Registration

Rehearsals in Park Place Seniors Residence
110 Central Park Drive, Ottawa      

For more information contact:
Joan Harrison, PhD, Founder and Artistic Director, at 613-292-0256 or joan@enterprisingrabbit.com